czwartek, 30 maja 2013

Lemon cake - lemon muffins

Sometimes overlaps with our craving for something sweet, but not as nice mulącego only refreshing, it's like Sprite-a sweet but refreshing :) Hmmm Why do not you ever add to it a little muffin, a bad idea ... after them, you can add everything just comes to mind!

What's needed?
1 cup  plain flour above ,
1/2 cup  sweetcorn ru ,
100 grams of  butter and ,
 egg ,
0.5 mug  Mlek and ,
0.5 teaspoons  baking powder ,
2 tablespoons  lemon juice ,
1 tablespoon  fresh lime juice ,
pinch of  salt

And quite easy execution:
Cream the butter with the sugar, slowly add the flour mixed with baking powder. Then add the remaining ingredients, mix well together. 
molds for muffins to put curlers, fill it with dough to 3/4 height and bake at 180 degrees for 25min.

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