wtorek, 28 maja 2013

Tarta spinach with sheep cheese

Tarta, who among us does not like short pastry with the addition of your favorite cheese! You could say it were an alternative pizza ... Recently, IKEA bought on promotion mini set of vessels in which we found:

mini strainer / dish for steaming,
Mini wok
mini pot,
Mini teflon badge,
Mini round badge.
They are wonderful, useful for everything when taking each course and no more washing by the way ... Today, we used the mini badges on the tart, the following dishes will be shown for what dishes we used another cell. 

What's needed?
100 g of  wheat flour above ,
50 g of cold  masses Wa ,
1 teaspoon  sweetcorn rice ,
Salt ,
1 tablespoon cold  water y ,
sweet paprika powder ,
100 g  frozen spinach ego ,
2 small  oscyp ki
1 piece  egg ,
Black pepper-MILL ,
2 cloves  czosn to

In a food processor mix together the flour, butter, sugar, salt, sweet paprika and water. The form of the Tarta lightly grease with butter and paste cake, so that was pretty thin. Insert for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

I had frozen spinach so it froze and podsmażyłam lightly with garlic in a pot seasoning with salt and pepper.Then, well dampened and mixed it with sheep cheese and egg. 
imposed on the cake tins.

Oven heat up to 180 degrees and baked 25min.

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