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Baked tomatoes stuffed with gizzards

Recently bought a chicken stomachs ... I thought the granny Sosik-cream and onion is delicious, but it was really a lot of stomachs and divided them into three parts, one was Sosik :) Two zamroziliśmy ... after some time, we have learned stomachs and we wanted to do something different, something good looking on the net ... and nothing! Same sauces! I said to Raphael's go to the kitchen, we improvise ...

What's needed? 
four  tomatoes 
six  caves books 
1 small  red onion 
10 pieces  stomachs dust fresh 
black pepper-MILL 
Herbes de Provence 
ground ginger 
1 small  sheep cheese 
cayenne pepper minced 
2 pcs  bay leaf 
3 balls of  weed English 
3 balls of  pepper in 
3 tablespoons  soy oil ego 
one  egg

to the pot add water, add stomachs, bay leaves, allspice, pepper roll, boil, once it is bubbling, reduce heat, and after 15 minutes add the carrots and salt. Boil until tender. Then remove to a plate and let the moment rested cut into smaller pieces. 
Pomidorkom poodcinać up and select the flesh with a spoon, which is then useful for stuffing. 
pan fry the diced onions in stomachs. After about 4 minutes pierzarki add the diced tomatoes and squash.Season with salt, pepper, add herbs de Provence, ginger, cayenne pepper and fry together for about 10 minutes, the water should evaporate. Allow to ostygnęło. 
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 
Ostygnięty stuffing mix with sheep cheese chopped into tiny pieces, nafaszerować tomatoes, leaving some space at the top to pour in the eggs a little giddy previously, cover, set on a baking tray and put into the oven, bake for 10 - 15 min until the protein from the top has set.

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