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Casserole curry with chickpeas and red beans

What's needed?
1 chicken leg,
2 chicken wings,
3/4 cup chickpeas,
1/2 cans of red beans,
1 large red onion,
0.5 green peppers,
5 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt-MILL,
black pepper-MILL,
ground ginger,
Dried chilli,
garlic powder,
sweet paprika powder,
1 cup chicken broth,
1 can of coconut milk

Leg and wings washed and cleaned. In a saucepan heat the olive oil and toss it into the meat, fry a few minutes until golden. Add chopped red onion and pre-soaked chickpeas (we soaked up all night) continue frying for less heat, add spices to the pot and pour the broth in a moment. Boil a few minutes, add the green pepper and red beans. Total pour milk and boil all together until milk reduces a bit.
When you reduce the sauce by about one third season gently until the desired flavor and focus. Meat surowawe yet to translate with the sauce on the plaque and put into a hot oven to 180-190 degrees for about 20 minutes.
After this time, the dish is ready. Before serving, you can sprinkle on the table at the top of the dried / fresh parsley .... ENJOY :)

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