piątek, 7 czerwca 2013

Flounder in two flavors of roasted wegetables

Flounder, I ate it for the first time, it is very thin and for such a relatively small fish has a its own unique posmaczek and consistency. Raphael kombinator decided to do it in two ways ... The mustard in my opinion was tastier, but that's a matter of taste :) and veggies ... simply fabulous!

What's needed?
4 pieces of flounder across the skin,
2 Atlantic shrimp,

3 teaspoons of French mustard,
3 florets of broccoli,
3 florets of cauliflower,
0.5 pieces of zucchini,
Fourth piece of red pepper,
Fourth piece of fresh green peppers,
1 small kohlrabi young
1 small red onion,
4 mushrooms,
Sea salt-MILL,
Black pepper-MILL,
0.5 pc of lemon,
dried thyme,
dried parsley,
olive oil,
garlic powder,

Clean and wash the fish, salt and pepper, put it lightly passed the taste.
The grill pan heat the olive oil and toss it: 
cauliflower and broccoli florets, 
chopped red onion in larger pieces, 
cut peppers into strips, 
kohlrabi cut into rings, 
whole mushroom caps, 
diced zucchini, 
Cook for about 8min in the meantime seasoning salt , pepper, granulated garlic and thyme.
Put veggies on a baking tray, put them two flounder slightly nicked, do not squeeze the lemon peel and brush from the top of French mustard.  
Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25min. At the end, before serving sprinkle with dried parsley.
During baking the fish in the oven in a pan, which were veggies pour a little olive oil, heat and fry the remaining two flounder with shrimp, sprinkle with thyme and gently pouring lemon juice. Cook for about 3 minutes on one side.

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