poniedziałek, 13 maja 2013

Italian Pumpernickel with mussels

Something healthy for breakfast... I look to the fridge, hmmm what can I find here?? Oooo pumpernickel and some mussels! I should quickly take this and do something!

So, I take:
2 slices of pumpernickel bread, 
0.5 cups of mussels without shells, 
2 tablespoons corn,
4 green olives, 
3 tablespoons grated edam cheese, 
0,5 onion,
garlic salt, 
black pepper, 
2 drops Tabasco, 
2 tablespoons olive,

On the oil fry the chopped onions in a small cubes, add mules, fry while. Still stirring. Cover for about 3 minutes on low heat. Add the corn and all the herbs, spices and Tabasco. Fry for a minute and take from heat, add cheese and mix well and quickly. 
Put on pumpernickel bread still warm stew from mussels and add green olives cut on a half.

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