niedziela, 12 maja 2013

English muffins with cherry jam - on Shrove Tuesday

We make our English muffins, they are very tasty and sweet, it automatically improves mood :)

2 cups of flour,
0.5 cups granulated sugar,
2 teaspoons of baking powder,
50 grams of butter,
a pinch of salt,
1 egg,
0.5 cups of milk 3.5%,
Cherry jam (home course)
icing sugar,
chocolate sauce,

The flour, sugar, baking powder, warm milk, butter, salt and eggs knead the dough (such that it can be rolled out if you can not add either milk or flour). 
Dough rolled out to about 1cm and cut with the glass 14 rings. On seven circles on middle I give a little cherry jam and I cover the second wheel. 
I put them on aluminum foil and bake about 10-15min at 220 C degrees. 
Pour toffee sauce on plate, put the English muffin on this, sprinkle with icing and chocolate sauce. 

Soooo cute and soooo yummy :)

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