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L'canard germees - the roast duck in French

Elegance France! As for me, on the plate are just DELICIOUS things ... I was looking for Paris carrot but unfortunately I could not find them so I decided to buy baby carrot, which are available in every market. 
And of course, sunflower sprouts ... something delicious! I do not have raised this but in the near- of course. Sprouting appliance + many types of seeds :) DREAM!

We will need:
2 duck legs,
1 pack of baby carrots,
30 ml Dijon mustard,
100 ml dry red wine,
1 pear,
2 cinnamon stick,
400 grams of sunflower sprouts,
1 handful of walnuts,

80 ml ​​olive oil,
30 ml honey,
10 ml lemon juice,
black pepper,

1  One day earlier legs of ducks cleaned and put in a marinade made ​​from olive oil, mustard, honey, lemon juice, thyme, marjoram, anise, salt, pepper for 24 hours. 

2 The next day, bake on baking tin at 180 degrees for one and a half to two hours, pouring wine in the meantime. 

3 Take on the frying pan 2 spoon of the sauce that was created during the cooking process. Stew on it pear adding cinnamon sticks.

4 Ready duck legs place on sprouts and stew pears, sprinkle with walnuts before lightly baking on a dry frying pan.

5 Serve with steamed baby carrots al'dente enhanced with butter.

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