piątek, 17 maja 2013

Mackerel fried with garlic, served on lettuce mix

We are fortunate that my dad has a hobby and loves to catch fish ... he's lived with my mother in Ireland and the caught fish are in Poland expensive or unavailable. I take from my parenta salmon, eel and mackerel. I've never had fried mackerel, usually smoked ... 
It is sated fish, quite fat... Its meat after frying was juicy, and most importantly without bones. WAS GOOD!

What do we need?
2 pieces  mackerel ,
4 cloves  of garlic,
0.5 pieces  of lemon ,
olive oil ,
Sea salt ,
Black pepper ,
thyme ,
milk, to soak

Mackerel clean, wash, cut their surface skin on both sides, salt and pepper the outside and inside and soak in milk, leave it for 1 hour in the refrigerator. 
Then put a piece of crushed garlic, lemon eighth note, mugwort and fresh thyme. 
On the grill pan fry in olive oil garlic cloves, put mackerel and fry for about 3 minutes on one side, then the other. 
We ate with potatoes and a salad of lettuce mix.

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