środa, 8 maja 2013

Sour tart with strawberries

Tarrrrrrt! I love it, I remember how I did it the first time ... It was Easter, I asked my mum: "Can I a little combinate?" I start whisk and mix. In the result I got this brilliant tart. If you like sour flavors that this tart is for you :)

Shortbread dough:
0.5 cup butter ,
7 tablespoons of  sugar ,
1 egg ,
1.5 cups of flour ,

Lemon cream:
2 lemons ,
1 yellow grapefruit ,
0.5 cubes  of butter ,
4 eggs ,
7 tablespoons of  sugar ,
1 piece  of peach jelly ,
6 strawberries

Blend butter with powdered sugar. Add egg. 
Pour the flour and knead the dough. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. 
After this time bake it in the 180 C degrees for 15min.

Lemon cream: 
jelly dissolved in a glass of water and cool, but be careful not to freeze it. Squeeze the juice of 2 large lemons and small grapefruit and pour cold jelly, stirring all time. Melt the butter. In a bowl on the water barh, mix eggs with sugar, stirring slowly pour the juice with jelly and cooled butter. 
Arrange strawberries on cake. 
Lemon cream pour on the baked cake and refrigerate for 2 hours.


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