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We love animals! - WATER DRAGON

WATER DRAGON - our messy reptiles!

In this section we will gather information about the things that inspire us, interested. 
By the way maybe someone from readers love this small animal like we and want to show us, tell us about it :)

Let's start with WEED, it is name of our water dragon, little reptile living in a terrarium. The picture below Weed was with us until about one month, now it's almost two years and Weed is MORE BIGGER!

In our opinion, Water Dragons have their own characters, they are not stupid reptiles as you might think. I will mention a few things that make it clever: 

1 Stubbornly wants to go out from the terrarium, stands near the glass and persistently scratching in it    (so good that he can not bark), 

2 When we bring Weed out, she has her favorite places  where she go. She lie on the window sill, between flowers over a radiator, on the clothes on chair from computer, on the bed on back and ... on the  notebook keyboard, sometimes she likes to lie on shoes. 

3 She loves shrimp,  grapefruit , and of course all kinds of worms. But when it comes to grapefruit to easily distinguish between mandarin and orange for whom does not like hmmm 

4 Love the  glitter ! Every screw, the handle of the cabinet (we have slightly silvered), a teaspoon and everything bounces and light shines is very interested for her. She just wants to bite it. 

5 When weed is angry becouse eg. she does not want to go back to the terrarium can do well  whack from the tail ...

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