środa, 12 czerwca 2013

Atlantic prawns fried with beer served with mango salsa and zucchini

Half-board was delicious! We love to eat hands, play with shrimp on the plate, breaking their legs and head. We got the promotion and surprisingly Atlantic shrimp were freshly prepared, melted in my mouth ...
We made them with mango salsa and a tube of parmesan, vamp our Irladzkiego mint sauce perfectly composed with the dish!

What's needed?
The mango salsa:
1  mango ,
1 small  red onion ,
2 tablespoons  fresh lime juice ,
1 teaspoon  olive oil ,
1 clove  czosn to ,
Sea salt-MILL ,
Black pepper-MILL ,
0.5 teaspoons  honey u ,
a bit of  chilli pepper Cayenne

Mango peel and cut into small squares, finely chop onion with a clove of garlic and mix together in a bowl. Add lime juice, salt, pepper, olive oil, honey and chilli. Mix well,
Salsa, of course, we did more, I'm sure will be useful for other dishes :)

10 pieces of shrimp Atlantic ,
1 small  zucchini ,
1/3 cup of  beer and ,
1 tablespoon  olive oil ,
1 tablespoon  of butter and ,
1 clove  czosn to ,
0.5 small  onion protein above ,
thyme, dried ,
Sea salt-MILL ,
Black pepper-MILL ,

of course mint sauce
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese-grated

Shrimp, rinse and dry.
The grill pan heat the olive oil and fry on it lengthwise into 4 parts (without asshole) zucchini for 3 minutes add the shrimp, lightly posól. Fry together for about 3 minutes and connect with beer, laughing lightly boils and evaporates.
How little has evaporated add the butter, thyme, pepper and drobniusieńko chopped onion and garlic. Wait time to fry than taste and take off the fire.

With a dry frying pan heat up on the fire, pour cheese on it (such naleśniczek). The cheese melts and flows out the fat does not burn. As has been the cheese is melted take it off the heat, wait a while and wrap it on the metal rim of such a slotted spoon, ladles, pestle. Refrigerate for 1 hour to solidify. Amazingly after 1 hour easily left the spoon :)

Well how could not add as creative as frustules pictures :) plucked shrimp were great!

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