środa, 12 czerwca 2013

Saffron powder - dessert

I love how something is delicate, sweet and slightly sour at the same time, on the occasion of crispy ... Dessert energizing, by the way healthy with a wonderful aroma.VERY EASY! 
Saffron, the world-famous nako very noble spice used in cooking for many types of dishes. And what you like to use?

What's needed?
200 g heavy cream,
1 tbsp walnuts,
0.1 g of saffron,
0.5 teaspoons of honey,
0.5 tsp sesame seeds,
1 lime,
1 small package of vanilla sugar

On a dry patelence gently fry saffron (note that it does not burn!)
Fry gently walnuts, as we will gain a slight kolorku add sesame seeds and honey. A second time, fry and remove from the heat and set aside to cool.
Cut the lime in half. 
In a bowl, beat the whipping cream with vanilla sugar. As I will be well compacted to push the lime, stir, add the saffron and stir a while back. Quickly replace the cups and refrigerate for an hour.
After this time, decorate with walnuts, honey and sesame seeds.

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