środa, 22 stycznia 2014

Chicken peach with a hint of anise and rye pasta

What's needed?
2 chicken breasts ,
 canned peaches ,
4 tablespoons  cream 30 % ,
3 tablespoons  olive oil ,
1/4 teaspoon of  cumin to ,
1/4 teaspoon  rosemary ,
1/4 teaspoon  sweet paprika, ground ,
a touch of  red chilli flakes ,
Black pepper-MILL ,
Sea salt-MILL ,
1/4 teaspoon  dried parsley above ,
4 star  anise in ,
Pasta Rye

Diced papaya, we will also need about 1 glass of juice from them.
Breast of chicken cleaned and cut into smaller pieces, such a'la tenderloin. On the grill pan heat the olive oil and put the chest.Season with salt, pepper, cumin, rosemary, chilli pepper and sweet, dried parsley, aniseed. Fry until they have watered the white color and a glass of peach juice, fry another minute time obtaczając in the juice, add the peaches and add the cream. As the cream thickens slightly, remove from the heat.
Serve with cooked al dente pasta rye, sprinkled with pepper and sea salt.

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