sobota, 1 czerwca 2013

Mandarin jam with limes

Mandarin jam ... I can not come out as I wanted, went even better!
But this baby is suitable for all ... cheeses, desserts, even the ham, mashed potatoes, can it really invent miracles ... It has a slightly bitter taste (it would not be but I did not want to go down exactly the white skins) NO AND WELL! It is slightly sweet and slightly sour, the other, the first time I ate something ... I can not even describe the taste, and see for themselves and so will fit you as well as me.

What's needed?
1.5 kg of mandarins (mine were more sweet and well peeled), 
2 cups water, 
1 tablespoon of gelatin, 
10 tablets sweetener, 
5 tablespoons sugar, 
3 pieces of lime, 
1 large apple 

Tangerine Peel, pit and pulling out, leaving little white kernel threads. Peel the apples. 
To a large pot toss tangerines, apples, cut into cubes and pour 2 cups of water. Since the boil reduce the heat and leave for about 20 minutes slowly let the breadcrumbs. After this time, rub the hot fruit through a sieve with a spoon and leave on the heat until slightly thickened (about 10 minutes). After this time, add sweetener, sugar, squeeze the lime and add the gelatin. 
Translate into jars and put off for three days to a cool place.

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